Daily sum in bar chart is wrong

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I am collecting the rainfall hourly. If i want to have a daily sum, the sum is not ok.
If i want to sum up 0.28+0.56+0.56 the bar chart displays 0.28.
Does somebody has an idea?
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Rudolf Dudek
Rudolf Dudek 2021-11-4
@Christopher Stapels since i changed all seconds in timestamp to be 0, the sum up looks ok.
Before the change the seconds range was from 2 to 20 seconds.



Christopher Stapels
I tried this in one of my channels and it seems to work fine. I wonder if there is something different about your data. Can you share the data used to geenrate those plots? Here is the data I used:
myTimes Var1
____________________ ____
11-Jul-2021 08:38:10 0.28
11-Jul-2021 09:38:10 0.56
11-Jul-2021 10:38:10 0.56
13-Jul-2021 10:38:10 0.28
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Rudolf Dudek
Rudolf Dudek 2021-8-3
Sorry for the delay, here's the public link:


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Vinod 2021-7-13
My suspicion is that the field has a bunch of 'NaN's in them. Can you download the data for the channel from th "Import/Export" tab of the channel and confirm there are no NaN's or blank slots in the data?


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