Data from Libelium to thingspeak

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Ismail ESSAMAE2021-7-13
评论: Ismail ESSAMAE ,2021-7-15
Hello eryone !
i work in a project that is the connection btween the waspmot (sensors of humidity and temperatur) and the libelium ;after that i send the data from libelium to thingspeak.
MY PROBLEM is the transmet between the getway and the cloud work for a few minute and then the signal exit . the message of the error
( /bin/ line 33: 29957 Terminated /usr/bin/php $PHP_EXE Caught EXIT signal!)
please if can someone help !

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Vinod 2021-7-15
That sounds like an issue on your Libelium gateway. Your best bet is to reach out to Libelium technical support for assistance as to why the script is getting an EXIT signal.
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Ismail ESSAMAE 2021-7-15
First time i have worked with temperature sensor, it worked fine, and once i tried again, it did not work, and when i have worked with both temperature and pressure sensor it worked at first, but not again, same issue.
this is a response for a devloper JTW i found it in libelium forum:
I think the bug in the ThingSpeak cloud connector is the reason you are still seeing old sensors in the table after the Sync operation. When the 5th channel creation operation failed, and the connector does not handle the 402 error properly and the sync aborts early. Because of the early abort, the table is not updated with the new channel information even though some new channels were created.



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