How can I get the port number of a StateFlow input given it's handle programatically?

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Eric Bender
Eric Bender2021-7-22
评论: Eric Bender ,2021-10-8
I have the handle of a StateFlow input from a previous find result. I'm trying to get the port number for that StateFlow input. I've been using the sf('get',<handle num>,<field name>) command for other fields like '', 'data.scope', etc. but can't see where I can get the port number. Can anyone help me with this?


Jorge Calvo
Jorge Calvo 2021-10-5
It sounds like you are working with Stateflow.Data objects, where you have the ID property and want to find the Port property. In that case, you can do this:
>> x = find(sfgco,Id=301);
>> x.Port
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