matlab app numeric box wont update real time

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So i built a small app and for the sake of the example
I have a for loop in it that runs k times
inside of the for loop i have the index pointed to a numeric field in the app
Aka i want it to print out what index its at.
It will not update real time. It will only update it onces the loop is funished despite the call to transfer the index into the box.Value property is inside the loop.
What is up with this?


Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami 2021-8-2
include the drawnow command in your loop to force an update to the UI.
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Robert Scott
Robert Scott 2021-8-2
Thanks that worked but wow
That just killed my loops speed
more then 10ms more per iterations
I wont be able to use that. That is really really really bad.
Why cant matlab make anything that is actually fast?


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