I cannot save matlab editor, the .m file.

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Yuge Zhang
Yuge Zhang2021-8-9
回答: Walter Roberson ,2021-8-12
When I save the .m file, it warning that " The matlab editor cannot use US-ASCII encoding to save the file, please use UTF-8 encoding to save the file ". Am I missing some kind of file? What do I need to do? The computer I use is MAC, the matlab version is R0221a.
Look forward to your reply!

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2021-8-12
Use Save As to save the file. The saving box that comes up will have a menu that allows you to select the format of the file to save as. Make sure that UTF8 is selected, not ISO-8896-1 and not "all .m files"

Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
I guess that you must have used some special characters like accents, have you copy-pasted something into the editor?
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Yuge Zhang
Yuge Zhang 2021-8-12
I can’t use it after I clean the computer. I suspect that some files have been deleted automatically.


DGM 2021-8-9
You might want to check what your locale settings are
and see if any of this is of use:
My understanding was that this should be utf8 in that version/env, but maybe yours is set to us-ascii for some reason.
This might also be of help.

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