How to enable read only for protected models?

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In the documentation "Protect Models to Conceal Contents" a screenshot is given under the subheader Protect the Referenced Model. In that Screenshot there is an option to enable the read only view of the model.
When I try to replicate the steps of the documentation this option is not available to me.
Do I have to enable it somehow ?


Sivani Pentapati
Sivani Pentapati 2021-9-2
编辑:Sivani Pentapati 2021-9-2
I understand that you want to create a protected model in Simulink, but the option to enable a read-only view of the model was absent. Please crosscheck with the Protected Model Requirements and Limitations section in this link and also ensure that the criterion in this link are met. Alternatively, it can also be done using the Simulink.ModelReference.protect function by setting the ‘Mode’ to ‘ViewOnly’ in the input arguments.
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Matthias Menge
Matthias Menge 2021-9-6
Thanks for this answer.
When trying to protect a model using the MATLAB Comand it is revealed, that in order to create a 'ViewOnly' protected model a license of the Simulink Report Generator is needed.


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