Problem 44239. Mastermind IV: Optimal Solver - max of 5 guesses

Solution 2056942

Submitted on 13 Dec 2019
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tic v=1111:6666; vL=length(v); m=zeros(vL,4); for i=1:vL vp=v(i); for k=4:-1:1 m(i,k)=mod(vp,10); vp=floor(vp/10); end end mdel=sum((m==0)+(m>6),2)>0; m(mdel,:)=[]; v=m*[1000;100;10;1]; mL=size(m,1); mpc=zeros(mL); % 0.030 for j=1:mL mpc(:,j)=sum(m==repmat(m(j,:),mL,1),2); end mch=zeros(mL,6); % 0.038 for i=1:mL for k=1:6 mch(i,k)=nnz(m(i,:)==k); end end mc=zeros(mL); % 0.06 for j=1:mL mc(:,j)=sum(min(mch,repmat(mch(j,:),mL,1)),2); end mc=mc-mpc; % remove mpc part mpc5c=5*mpc+mc; fprintf('Initialization %.3f\n',toc) % finished initilaiztion calculation in less than 0.2 sec ztic=tic; solved=1; Gmax=1; pcase=0; Lmax=0; Ltot=0; for ptr=randperm(1296) % anti-hack randomization pcase=pcase+1; mguess=[];mpegs=[]; while solved % loop until solved ztoc=toc(ztic); if ztoc>45 solved=0; break; end % if [mguessn]=solve_mastermind(mguess,mpegs,m,mpc,mc,mpc5c,v); mguessptr=find(v==mguessn*[1000;100;10;1]); if isempty(mguessptr),continue;end % invalid input mguess(end+1,:)=mguessn; mpegs(end+1,1)=mpc(ptr,mguessptr); mpegs(end,2)=mc(ptr,mguessptr); Lsol=size(mguess,1); if mpegs(end,1)==4 % break on solved to ptr loop Ltot=Ltot+Lsol; if Lsol>Lmax, Lmax=Lsol;end break; end if Lsol==5 % length of 5 and not solved solved=0; Gmax=0; break; end end % while if ~solved,break;end % terminate case processing end % for all 1296 cases if Gmax==0 % failed Guess max rqmt of 5 fprintf('\n Solution exceeded 5 guesses\n'); fprintf('Puzzle %i %i %i %i\n',m(ptr,:)); fprintf('Guessses and Responses\n'); fprintf('M%i %i %i %i P%i %i\n',[mguess mpegs]'); fprintf('\n'); end if solved fprintf('Solved in %.2f sec\n',ztoc) fprintf('Lmax %i Ltot %i\n',Lmax,Ltot) assert(isequal(solved,1)) else fprintf('Solved %i of 1296 cases in %.2f sec\n',pcase-1,ztoc) fprintf('Lmax %i Ltot %i\n',Lmax,Ltot) assert(isequal(solved,1)) end

Error in solution: Line: 17 Column: 1 This statement is not inside any function. (It follows the END that terminates the definition of the function "solve_mastermind".)

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