Problem 44248. Mastermind V: Optimal Solver - average number of guesses

The following description contains a copy of Richard Zapor's Mastermind IV: Optimal Solver - max of 5 guesses

Mastermind is a code breaking logic puzzle. A pattern of 6 colors(values 1:6) of four positions (1111;1112;....6666) for a possible 6^4(1296) cases is generated. The solver plays a length 4 vector with values 1:6. Accuracy of the play is returned by a count of values in the right position and a count of values(excluding those in the right positions) common to the solution.

Answer:1233  Guess:3231 Response: 2,2  as x23x are right value/position, 3xx1 are right values.


where guess is a 1x4 vector, mguess is the kx4 matrix of prior guesses and is empty on first try, mpegs is kx2 giving right [value/position, values] for mguess, m is a 1296x4 array [1 1 1 1;...6 6 6 6] of all solutions, mpc is a 1296x1296 array of 0:4 for value/position solutions, mc is a 1296x1296 array of 0:4 for value solutions, mpc5c is state array of a combined mpc and pc of values 0:20, 5*mpc+mc, and v is integer value of solutions 1111 thru 6666. will be provided.

Scoring: the average number of guesses of all 1296 cases.

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