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Expectation-Maximization algorithme for univariate Poisson mixture

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Updated 04 Jan 2008

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em_uvp : Expectation-Maximization algorithm for a Univariate Poisson Mixture

[logl , R , P] = em_upm(Z , R0 , P0 , [nbite]);


Z Discrete measurements (1 x K x [n1] x ... x [nl])
R0 Initial Poisson Rate. R0 can be (1 x 1 x d x [v1] x ... x [vr])
P0 Initial mixture probablities (1 x 1 x d) : P0 can be (1 x 1 x d x [v1] x ... x [vr])
nbite Number of iterations (defaut = 10)


logl Final loglikelihood (n1 x ... x nl x v1 x ... x vr)
R Estimated Poisson Rate (1 x 1 x d x n1 x ... x nl x v1 x ... x vr)
P Estimated mixture probabilities (1 x 1 x d x n1 x ... x nl x v1 x ... x vr)

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