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Publication-quality export of Matlab figures and axes to various vector & bitmap formats

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This function saves a figure or single axes to one or more vector and/or bitmap file formats, and/or outputs a rasterized version to the workspace, with the following features:
  • Figure/axes reproduced as it appears on screen
  • Cropped/padded borders (optional)
  • Embedded fonts (vector formats)
  • Improved line and grid line styles
  • Anti-aliased graphics (bitmap formats)
  • Render images at native resolution (optional for bitmap formats)
  • Transparent background supported (pdf, eps, png, tiff, gif)
  • Semi-transparent patch objects supported (png, tiff)
  • RGB, CMYK or grayscale output (CMYK only with pdf, eps, tiff)
  • Variable image compression, including lossless (pdf, eps, jpg)
  • Optional rounded line-caps (pdf, eps)
  • Optionally append to file (pdf, tiff, gif)
  • Vector formats: pdf, eps, emf, svg
  • Bitmap formats: png, tiff, jpg, bmp, gif, clipboard, export to workspace
This function is especially suited to exporting figures for use in publications and presentations, because of the high quality and portability of media produced.
Basic syntax: export_fig(filename, [handle], options...)
  • Background color and figure dimensions are reproduced (the latter approximately, and ignoring cropping & magnification) in the output file. For transparent background (and semi-transparent patch objects), use the -transparent option, and set the axes 'Color' property to 'none' where desired. Only some image formats support a transparent background, and only png/tiff support transparency of patch objects.
  • When exporting to vector format (pdf & eps), and to bitmap using the painters renderer, ghostscript (http://ghostscript.com) needs to be installed on your system
  • When exporting to eps, the pdftops program, a part of the Xpdf package, also needs to be installed. You can download this from http://xpdfreader.com
  • This submission was originally created by Oliver Woodford. Yair Altman maintains this utility since Jan 2015.
  • A single textual ad message is displayed once a week. I have no intention of removing the ad; if you don't want to see even a single ad once a week, don't use the program.
Report any problem or issue via GitHub: https://github.com/altmany/export_fig/issues - not here


Yair Altman (2022). export_fig (https://github.com/altmany/export_fig/releases/tag/v3.27), GitHub. 检索来源 .

MATLAB 版本兼容性
创建方式 R2014b
Windows macOS Linux

参考作品: ScreenCapture - screenshot of component, figure or screen

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