Non-circular Gears Generation

版本 (88.2 KB) 作者: Gabriel Peyre
A toolbox to generate a pair of non-circular gears.

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更新时间 2010/11/15


Given an input primal gear, the toolbox compute its associated dual gear together with the associated distance between the gear centers.

The gears are described as a discretized polar curve. The dual gear is solved by a numerical integration of the non-sliding condition. The distance between the centers is bound using a dichotomic search to ensure the same periodicity for the two gears.


Gabriel Peyre (2023). Non-circular Gears Generation (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 检索来源 .

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创建方式 R2010b
Windows macOS Linux
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版本 已发布 发行说明

Added new basic gears, synthesis of teeths.

Added new basic gears, synthesis of teeths.