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Servo System Blockset

version (390 KB) by Khalil Sultan
A Simulink Blockset for the purpose of simulating servo systems.


Updated 10 Mar 2003

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The Servo System Blockset is designed to provide a modern design tool that will allow scientists and engineers to rapidly and easily build models that simulate servo systems.

It has blocks for the simulation of
(1) Permanent Magnet DC Motor (Armature Control)
(2) Field Controlled DC Motor
(3) ED 4400 DC Servo Motor (For demo purposes)

Blocks for the simulation of AC motors will be included in the next version of the blockset.

The Servo System Blockset is created with MATLAB 5.3.1 and Simulink 3.0.1 (i.e. MATLAB Release 11.1), using the Windows 98-SE operating system. It has been tested under Windows 98, 2000, and XP operating systems. In MATLAB Versions, it has been tested under Release 11.1 (V 5.3) and 12 (V 6.0). It should be compatible with newer MATLAB/Simulink versions and it should be system-independent, but this has not been verified.

This blockset has been developed at the Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering, Karachi, Pakistan.

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Krishnarao Dhuri

ismail kocaturk

Thanks for this good work. It was very useful for me. I used this information in preparing my postgraduate paper. This paper was about parameter estimation of a PMDC motor.

Roger Kwadzogah

Abdul Asmari

Hi thanks for helping

feng shouting


Alejandro Forero Delgado

should be recommended know the spring torcional among the motor and the inercial mass.

Kashif Gulzar

Yeh kahan say yahan per

Jahanzeb Rajput

Good attempt!needs moreImprovements
*A sevomotor and simple PMDC motor should
be differentiated. Model 'PMDC servo' is mere a PMDC motor not servo!



Alan Little

Khurram Bhatti

Thats what you call "Engineering".

Mohammad Faisal

wonderfull khalil,you have done a marvelous job.It really helped me.thankyou

Humayun Zahir

Good work man keep it up ;)

Kashif Haseeb

Well done man!
Keep it up!

S.M.Yasir 838

It is good approach in designing close-loop control via simulation & it really helps engrs.

Imran Karim Mirza


Poh Chee Khun


MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R11.1
Compatible with any release
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