Simulink for PCV (Point Cloud Viewer)

版本 (252.8 KB) 作者: Takashi Chikamasa
Simulink for PCV is a block for 3D Point Cloud View and wrapped native OpenCV library.

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更新时间 2016/9/1


Simulink for PCV allows users to reconstruct a 3D view from multiple point cloud data generated from Simulink for NID. Simulink for PCV wraps OpenCV to enable to stitch over a million point cloud data such as 3D panorama view (and potentially SLAM view) with faster performance.
[Required software]
- OpenCV 2.3.1 for Windows 32bit/64bit (
- 32bit/64bit version of MATLAB R2011b or later
- Simulink for NID (

[Optional software]
- Computer Vision System Toolbox (highly recommended)


Takashi Chikamasa (2022). Simulink for PCV (Point Cloud Viewer) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 检索来源 .

MATLAB 版本兼容性
创建方式 R2011b
Windows macOS Linux

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