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imshow3Dfull displays 3D images slice by slice in 3 orthogonal views, with mouse control


Updated 29 Oct 2018

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imshow3Dfull is an extended version of imshow3D. It displays 3D grayscale or RGB images from three perpendicular views(i.e. axial, sagittal, and coronal) in slice by slice fashion with mouse based slice browsing and window and level adjustment control.
imshow3Dfull ( Image )
imshow3Dfull ( Image , [] )
imshow3Dfull ( Image , [LOW HIGH] )

Image: 3D image MxNxK (K slices of MxN images)
[LOW HIGH]: display range that controls the display intensity range of a grayscale image (default: the widest available range)
Use the scroll bar or mouse scroll wheel to switch between slices. To adjust window and level values keep the mouse right button pressed and drag the mouse up and down (for level adjustment) or right and left (for window adjustment).
Use "A", "S", and "C" buttons to switch between axial, sagittal and coronal views, respectivelly.

"Auto W/L" button adjusts the window and level automatically.
While "Fine Tune" check box is checked the window/level adjustment gets 16 times less sensitive to mouse movement, to make it easier to control display intensity rang.

Note: The sensitivity of mouse based window and level adjustment is set based on the user defined display intensity range; the wider the range the more sensitivity to mouse drag.

% Display an image (MRI example)
load mri
Image = squeeze(D);

% Display the image, adjust the display range
imshow3Dfull(Image,[20 100]);

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Maysam Shahedi (2020). imshow3Dfull (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (14)

Kuo Wong


Thank you for the tool. I have one question: Why is the number of images in sagittal and coronal planes different from axial slices?

Rob Campbell

Thanks, this is very handy. I have refactored and streamlined the code and converted to a class: It currently doesn't do much more than than what imshow3Dfull but in future it will. For details on what was changed see README and commit messages. See README for plans on what will change.

Patrick Hew

Does what is says it does.

Ran Kafri


It is really amazing, clear, useful and well organised! Many thanks for this excellent work.

Dror Cohen

Hi Maysam, thank you for this excellent tool. I would recommend supporting 3D color images as well. It will be a useful feature, and easy to implement. For more information, see:


Works in older versions of Matlab if you change the flip function to flipdim


Thanks for sharing this file.
Unfortunately it uses flip function which was introduced in R2013b. I can not run the program on my PC. I am hoping you could release a new version that is compatible with earlier versions of MATLAB.


Bug fixed

Now it works also for 3D RGB images and older MATLAB versions.

Note: It does not work in older versions of Matlab.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2014b
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired: volView