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version 5.0.0 (4.07 MB) by Michael Kutzer
ScorBot Toolbox


Updated 23 Jun 2020

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This toolbox interfaces and simulates the Intelitek ScorBot-ER 4U with MATLAB. The toolbox allows users to control ScorBot, to acquire sensor information from ScorBot and to visualize aspects of ScorBot's movements. This download includes an install file to create the toolbox and add paths as needed. All toolbox functions include extensive help documentation, error checking, and visualization tools.
Toolbox Reference Guide:

Additional information:
The basic hardware functionality of this toolbox is built on MTIS:
[1] J. Esposito, C. Wick, & K. Knowles, "Matlab Toolbox for the Intelitek Scorbot: An open source robotics education library," in Proc. American Society of Engineering Education Annual Conference, Vancouver, BC, 2011.
[2] C. Wick, J. Esposito, & K. Knowles, (2012, Aug 25) Matlab Toolbox for the Intelitek Scorbot (MTIS) [Online]. Available:

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Michael Kutzer (2020). kutzer/ScorBotToolbox (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Remember that you need to run MATLAB as an administrator to install and update the toolbox.

Could you help me with Transformation Toolbox, I am installing but appears this message:

>> installScorBotToolbox
Downloading the Transformation Toolbox...SUCCESS
Failed to create Scorbot Toolbox folder:
"C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2014a\toolbox\transformation"
Possible solution:
(1) Close current instance of MATLAB
(2) Open a new instance of MATLAB "as administrator"
(a) Locate MATLAB shortcut
(b) Right click
(c) Select "Run as administrator"
Error using installTransformationToolbox (line 84)
Acceso denegado.

Error in installScorBotToolbox>ToolboxUpdate (line

Error in installScorBotToolbox (line 30)

Intelitek does not currently provide any SDKs for their robots. As a result, we were forced to build this toolbox around what we could glean from their compiled codebase. If/when Intelitek opens their code to developers, this toolbox can be extended to all of their available hardware.


Wow this is a really well made toolbox! Someone really put some time into making this!

We are trying to use this toolbox to control another robot Scorbot ER-9Pro. We have replaced configuration files of the robot with others from Scorbase. Using the toolbox we have successed with initialization, however it cannot home the robot. There is no proper definition for the error. Thanks for the toolbox. Looking forward to see your response.



ScorBot hardware interaction is now supported by 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10.


Updated to include msgbox info if download errors occur during install.

ScorSimPatch update for 2017a/b compatibility, ScorXYZPR2BSEPR floating point number fix, and documentation/description updates.

Updated to separate into multiple toolboxes for better support.

Description update.

ScorSimTeach* functionality added to the simulation tools.

Description update.

Description update.

Full simulation functionality including manipulator and gripper movements.

Updates to installScorBotToolbox and ScorUpdate to allow non-Windows 32-bit OS to install simulation tools. Additional updates to fix bugs in simulation tools.

Major updates to the ScorBot kinematic simulation including patch visualization of the robot.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2011a
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: Matlab Toolbox for the Intelitek Scorbot

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