Argo Toolbox

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Find and download Argo profiles within specified geographic and temporal limits
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更新时间 2019/5/20


Perhaps the word "toolbox" is an overstatement--The functions here may be expanded in the future, but for now here are two functions:
1. argofiles: finds the urls of Argo NetCDF files within specified geographic coordinates and temporal limits, and
2. argodata: downloads NetCDF files found by argofiles and imports temperature, salinity, and pressure data into the Matlab workspace.


Chad Greene (2024). Argo Toolbox (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 检索来源 .

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Added live scripts


Made adjustments to accommodate changes to the data naming structure. The data are organized in a strange way on the NODC server, and they seem to keep changing it slightly. Email me if you run into any issues.

Updated the nodc data link.