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MDD allows the implementation of multidimensional Python-esque dictionaries in MATLAB.



MATLAB Multidimensional Dictionary class
Summary: MDD allows the implementation of multidimensional Python-esque dictionaries in MATLAB.
Description: MDD can be interpreted in several different ways.

+ A map/dictionary that associates multiple keys with a single value
+ An N-dimensional table (a table is equivalent to an MDD object in 2-dimensions)
+ A matrix or cell array that can be indexed by using strings and regular expressions

WARNING: This is a work in progress. The core code is implemented, but documentation is missing. I will be updating it more over the coming months.

This code is similar to the multidimensional map function implemented by David Young. However, this implementation does not use MATLAB maps and instead is adds functionality to traditional MATLAB matrices and cell arrays.

Github: See GitHub page

Example commands: See tutorial_MDD.m

Typical usage:
out = md(43:45,'test*', 1)
MDD objects can be indexed using normal Matlab indexing, or via regular expressions, which do a look up against previously defined axis names. The above example would return a new MDD object with indexes 43:45 along dimension 1, and with all axis values beginning with 'test' along dimension 2.

MATLAB Map Containers (
Multidimensional implementation of this by David Young (

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David Stanley

@Stephen Cobeldick: Just added the description. Thanks for the feedback!

Stephen Cobeldick

@David Stanley: this seems interesting, but you did not provide any explanation, description, or examples. Can you please show us how your submission can be used.



Updated description


Updated description


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Updated description

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.4 (R2014b)

Inspired by: A multidimensional map class

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