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version 2.4 (65 KB) by Nicosahedron
Function to check if one vertex (set) is located inside or outside a given -opened- convex point set. Supports dimensions 2 and 3.


Updated 12 Aug 2020

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Please first check the examples tab (.mlx file) here on the right for a complete description.

Once downloaded, typewrite 'help isinconvexset' or 'doc isinconvexset' in Matlab console for support.

Also works for multiple points to test.

Hyperplanes (edges in 2D, triangles in 3D) don't need to be coherently oriented.

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Nicosahedron (2021). isinconvexset (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Everything fixed and updated, works fine now ;-)


Doesn't work yet for 'false 3D' (coplanar / point sets embeded in 3D)


You may now download again.


Mistake (theoritical error) found ! Please DO NOT DOWNLOAD till next version (2.0).

Chong WU

Excellent work!

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