PID Controller Simulator

版本 (125.9 KB) 作者: ibrahim kucukdemiral
PID controller simulator on an LTI system w/ or w/o input delays

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更新时间 2018/2/26


编者注: Popular File 2020

In order to run the program, the user must have an access to MATLAB R2017a or higher. Also the application requires the installation of Control Systems Toolbox. The plant is to be defined by the coefficients of the numerator and denominator polynomials of its transfer function. System's input delay and the feedback transfer function can now be taken into consideration in this new version.


ibrahim kucukdemiral (2022). PID Controller Simulator (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 检索来源 .

MATLAB 版本兼容性
创建方式 R2017b
Windows macOS Linux

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