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Quickly increase/decrease the font size of all text in a figure by a chosen factor.


Updated 11 Jul 2019

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Quickly make your figures ready for presentations by scaling font sizes.

supersizeme(1.5) will search for all text in the current figure and multiply the individual font sizes by 1.5.
supersizeme(-1.5) or will decrease the font sizes by a factor of 1.5; same as supersizeme(1/1.5).
supersizeme(h, 2) will double the font sizes in the figure, axis, or object handle 'h'. 'h' can be a vector of handles, too.
supersizeme() or supersizeme('+') will increase all font sizes in the current figure by a default value.
supersizeme('-') will decrease all font sizes in the current figure by a default value.

supersizeme('interactive') will produce a GUI with a slider allowing you to scale all font sizes interactively within the current figure, axes, or object handle.

The function has also been adapted to work with TeX markup strings.

Please report any bugs to the email address listed in the file.

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Adam Danz (2020). supersizeme (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (5)

Adam Danz

Thanks for the reviews & feedback!

James Ryan

I call it with a single multiplier argument and the job is done. No learning curve. Thank you!

Leonardo Bertini

Tony Tse

Thomas Ulrich

Brilliant! This function just saved me a lot of work.


Interactive GUI property change: 'WindowStyle','normal' to avoid docking.

Minor improvement released moments after publishing vs 1.3.0

Added an interactive mode that uses a sliding scale within a GUI to scale all font sizes. Adapted to work with xline() and yline() text.

Replaced a regexp() with contains() to avoid problems with the string is a 'char' rather than 'cell'.

Fixed a typo in help section.

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Created with R2019a
Compatible with R2016b to any release
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Windows macOS Linux