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N-level Sierpinski sphere / "Spherpinski"

version 3.2 (89.2 KB) by Nicolas Douillet
A function to compute the Sierpinski sphere (object I named the "Spherpinski") with some options.

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Updated 12 Feb 2020

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Please check the examples tab (doc) here on the right for a complete description.

Once downloaded, typewrite 'doc Spherpinski' or 'help Spherpinski' in Matlab console for support.

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Nicolas Douillet (2020). N-level Sierpinski sphere / "Spherpinski" (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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A set of functions to compute a Sierpinski sphere (fractal 3D surface) with some options (nb_iterations, option_fill, option_display). The resulting sets of vertices and triangles are also available for further computations.

The algorithm principle is based on the projection of the Sierpinski triangular faces of a regular octahedron on the surface of the unitary sphere.

NB : function sample_triangle is included, but may also be found independently here :

You may also have a look at some additional views here :

Tip : from nb_iterations = 4, and if using write_ply.m you struggle with displaying the set out of Matlab [...] try to replace in the file header "uchar ushort" by "uint8 uint32" this may help ;-)



cover img new test


Improved remove duplicated vertices function, cover img, updated description


Remove duplicated vertices and triangles, + Sierpinski ball see also link in doc, free description from comments, comments + tip in comment section.


All in two files only, updated description


+ fix rotate_3D Y rotation matrix bug, add nb triangles warning, improved input parsing, updated help, doc, description, + Flikr links



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