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How can I use a neural network to predict a 1d function?
Hi Moritz, We have many different functions and tools for training neural networks on 1D data. However, exactly which function ...

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How can pass the output of the fully connected layer of a deep learning model to the sequence input layer of another deep learning model?
Hi Mahmoud, Considering the sequence input layer and LSTMs are meant to be used for sequential data while AlexNet is for images...

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predict function not working in custom training loop
Hello, To train your network in a custom training loop, you must specify your network as a dlnetwork. net = dlnetwork(layers)...

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The example 'Solve Partial Differential Equation with LBFGS Method and Deep Learning' doesn't work because the supporting file 'paramsStructToVector' function.
Hello, The paramsStructToVector helper function converts a struct of learnable parameters to a vector. However, it looks like y...

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