Code generation toolbox for control systems on Ecotron EV Controllers


  • Library of general purpose target blocks for use in Simulink® models and with code generation
  • Automatic generation of executable code and A2L files
  • Compatibility with CCP/XCP based calibration software tools
  • Support for target microcontrollers such as the NXP MPC5744, Infineon Aurix, and NVIDIA Xavier


EcoCoder is a toolbox for targeting control system models onto Ecotron’s electric vehicle (EV) controller hardware. EcoCoder is fully integrated with Simulink and code generation tools from MathWorks and some commercial compilers like CodeWarrior and HighTec.It generates executable code and A2L files from Simulink models.  EcoCoder is also compatible with CCP/XCP based calibration software tools.

EcoCoder is an enhanced library of general purpose target blocks for use in Simulink models and with automatic code generation. It links directly to the target controller and integrates code generation, compiling, and executable generation in one click. The result is a group of files like the MOT file, the A2L file, and CAL file, that are ready to be programmed into the target controller via CAN, and ready for the calibration.

The EcoCoder add-on is a Simulink blockset providing Embedded Coder® targets. It is developed for specific target microcontrollers including the NXP MPC5744 and Infineon Aurix. It uses Embedded Coder to generate C code (for user models), integrates it with low-level driver code, and then compiles and generates the executable files.

The newly released EcoCoder-AI provides a Model-Based Design tool chain with Linux and ROS based toolboxes for autonomous driving control systems. It supports the latest AI targets like NVIDIA Xavier and NXP S32V234. It enables the Simulink External mode with the AI targets so that the AD calibration can be done on-the-fly.


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