Video and Webinar Series

Introduction to Deep Learning

Watch this series of MATLAB® Tech Talks to explore key deep learning concepts. Learn to identify when to use deep learning, discover what approaches are suitable for your application, and explore some of the challenges you might encounter.

什么是深度学习?| 深度学习简介 参与本 MATLAB 技术讲座,了解深度学习基础知识。您将了解深度学习为何如此受欢迎,并学习 3 个概念:什么是深度学习、如何在现实世界中使用,以及如何入门。

Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning Learn about the differences between deep learning and machine learning in this MATLAB Tech Talk. Walk through several examples, and learn about how decide which method to use.

What Are Convolutional Neural Networks? Explore the basics of convolutional neural networks (also called CNNs or ConvNets) in this MATLAB Tech Talk. You’ll learn 3 concepts: local receptive fields, shared weights & biases, and activation & pooling. You’ll also learn 3 ways to train CNNs.

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