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Fixed-Wing Aircraft Creation with Objects

Use fully realized fixed-wing solutions using objects

Use fully realized fixed-wing solutions for aircraft analysis, including static stability and linearization. To analyze fixed-wing aircraft, use the Aero.FixedWing class and its supporting classes.


Aero.FixedWingDefine fixed-wing aircraft (Since R2021a)
Aero.FixedWing.StateDefine condition of Aero.FixedWing aircraft at time instant (Since R2021a)
Aero.FixedWing.CoefficientCreate Aero.FixedWing aircraft coefficient set (Since R2021a)
Aero.Aircraft.CompositeCoefficientCreate composite aerodynamic coefficient (Since R2023b)
Aero.FixedWing.SurfaceDefine aerodynamic and control surfaces on Aero.FixedWing aircraft (Since R2021a)
Aero.FixedWing.ThrustDefine thrust vector on fixed-wing aircraft (Since R2021a)
Aero.Aircraft.EnvironmentProperties defining and managing aircraft environment (Since R2021a)
Aero.Aircraft.PropertiesProperties defining and managing aircraft (Since R2021a)
Aero.Aircraft.ControlStateDefine control states of fixed-wing state (Since R2021a)