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Add block to library

Since R2023b



addBlock(lib,inBlocks,blockNames) adds a block or vector of blocks inBlocks to the block library lib with the names blockNames.


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Import the pipeline, block, and library objects needed for the example.

import bioinfo.pipeline.library.*
import bioinfo.pipeline.block.*
import bioinfo.pipeline.Pipeline 

Create a pipeline.

P = Pipeline;

Create a FileChooser block for a FASTQ file, that is provided with the toolbox, and add to the pipeline.

fastqfile = FileChooser(which("SRR005164_1_50.fastq"));

Create a block library directly from the pipeline.

mylib = Library(P,Name="mylib")
mylib = 
  Library with properties:

           Name: "mylib"
    Description: ""
     BlockNames: "FileChooser_1"
         Blocks: [1x1 bioinfo.pipeline.block.FileChooser]

Add a block to the library.

sequencefilter = SeqFilter(Method="MinLength");

Remove a block from the library.


Add a library to the list of available libraries.


You can also save a library as a MAT-file and share with others. saveLibrary creates the corresponding MAT-file in the current folder. The MAT-file has the same base name as the library being saved. You may set Overwrite=true to overwrite any existing library with the same name. For instance, the following call creates mylib.mat in the current folder.


Instead of saving the file in the current directory, you can also specify an alternative location to save the file.


Load the library from the MAT-file.

mylib2 = loadLibrary("mylib.mat");

Create a new SeqFilter block that filters sequences using their average base qualities instead. Add the block to mylib2 and rename the library.

mqseqfilter = SeqFilter(Method="MeanQuality");
mylib2.Name = "mylib2"
mylib2 = 
  Library with properties:

           Name: "mylib2"
    Description: ""
     BlockNames: "FileChooser_1"
         Blocks: [1x1 bioinfo.pipeline.block.FileChooser]

Add mylib2 to the list of available libraries.


Get a list of all the available libraries.

availableLibs = getLibrary
availableLibs=1×2 Library array with properties:

Remove the library mylib from the list.

availableLibs = getLibrary
availableLibs = 
  Library with properties:

           Name: "mylib2"
    Description: ""
     BlockNames: "FileChooser_1"
         Blocks: [1x1 bioinfo.pipeline.block.FileChooser]

Input Arguments

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Block library, specified as a bioinfo.pipeline.library.Library object.

Input blocks, specified as a bioinfo.pipeline.Block object or vector of such objects.

Names of input blocks, specified as a character vector, string scalar, string vector, or cell array of character vectors.

If inBlocks is a single block, blockNames must be a character vector or string scalar. Otherwise, blockNames must be a string vector or cell array of character vectors with the same number of elements as inBlocks. The block names must be valid variable names and must be unique within a library.

Data Types: char | string | cell

Version History

Introduced in R2023b