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Catalog of Model Interconnections

Each type of block diagram connection corresponds to a model interconnection command or arithmetic expression. The following tables summarize the block diagram connections with the corresponding interconnection command and arithmetic expression.

Model Interconnection Commands

Block Diagram ConnectionCommandArithmetic Expression




feedback(H1,H2)H1/(1+H2*H1) (not recommended)

N/AH1/H2 (division)

N/AH1\H2 (left division)


lft(H1,H2,nu,ny) N/A

Arithmetic Operations

You can apply almost all arithmetic operations to dynamic system models, including those shown below.










Element-by-element multiplication


Right matrix divide


Left matrix divide


Matrix inversion


Conjugate transposition. See ctranspose.




Powers of a dynamic system model, as in the following syntax for creating transfer functions:

s = tf('s');
G = 25/(s^2 + 10*s + 25);

In some cases, you might obtain better results using model interconnection commands, such as feedback or connect, instead of model arithmetic. For example, the command T = feedback(H1,H2) returns better results than the algebraic expression T = H1/(1+H2*H1). The latter expression duplicates the poles of H1, which inflates the model order and might lead to computational inaccuracy.

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