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Model Protection

Create a protected model for simulation and code generation to share with a third-party

A protected model provides a model reference that conceals underlying implementation details. The model protection process compiles the model and packages the derived artifacts, which support model functionalities without including sensitive IP. See Create Protected Models to Conceal Contents and Generate HDL Code.


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Simulink.ModelReference.protectObscure referenced model contents to hide intellectual property
Simulink.ModelReference.modifyProtectedModelModify existing protected model
Simulink.ModelReference.ProtectedModel.setPasswordForModifyAdd or provide password for modifying protected model
Simulink.ModelReference.ProtectedModel.setPasswordForSimulationAdd or provide encryption password for simulation of protected model
Simulink.ModelReference.ProtectedModel.setPasswordForHDLCodeGenerationAdd or provide encryption password for HDL code generation from protected model
Simulink.ModelReference.ProtectedModel.setPasswordForViewAdd or provide encryption password for read-only view of protected model
Simulink.ModelReference.ProtectedModel.clearPasswordsClear cached passwords for protected models
Simulink.ModelReference.ProtectedModel.clearPasswordsForModelClear cached passwords for a protected model
Simulink.ProtectedModel.openOpen protected model


Protected Model CreatorSpecify model protection options and protect model