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Generate obfuscated HDL code

Specify generation of obfuscated HDL code

Since R2020b

Model Configuration Pane: Global Settings / Coding style


Specify generation of obfuscated HDL code. By using obfuscation, you can share the HDL code with a third-party without revealing the intellectual property. Obfuscation reduces readability of the code. The generated HDL code does not have comments, newlines or spaces, and replaces identifier names with other random names.


To enable this parameter, the Generate HDL Code check box must be selected.


off (default) | on

Default: Off


Generate obfuscated HDL code.


Do not generate obfuscated HDL code.


To set this property, use the functions hdlset_param or makehdl. To view the property value, use the function hdlget_param.

  • To generate obfuscated HDL code by using makehdl:

    makehdl('dutname', 'ObfuscateGeneratedHDLCode', 'on')

  • To generate obfuscated HDL code by using hdlset_param:

    hdlset_param('modelname', 'ObfuscateGeneratedHDLCode', 'on')

Recommended Settings

No recommended settings.

Programmatic Use

Parameter: ObfuscateGeneratedHDLCode
Type: character vector
Value: 'on' | 'off'
Default: 'off'

Version History

Introduced in R2020b