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Latency Strategy

Specify minimum or maximum latency

Since R2020b

Model Configuration Pane: Floating Point


Specify whether you want the design to map to minimum or maximum latency with native floating-point libraries.


To specify this parameter, select Use Floating Point.


MAX (default) | MIN | ZERO

Default: MAX

The options are:


Maps to minimum latency for the native floating-point libraries.


Maps to maximum latency for the native floating-point libraries.


Does not use any latency for the native floating-point libraries.


To specify the latency strategy:

  1. Create a floating-point target configuration object for Native Floating Point as the floating-point library.

    fpconfig = hdlcoder.createFloatingPointTargetConfig('NativeFloatingPoint');

  2. Specify the LatencyStrategy property of the LibrarySettings attribute of the floating-point target configuration object.

    fpconfig.LibrarySettings.LatencyStrategy = 'MIN';

  3. Set the floating-point target configuration on the model and then generate HDL code. This example shows how to set the configuration on the sfir_single model and generate HDL code for the symmetric_fir subsystem:


Recommended Settings

No recommended settings.

Programmatic Use

Parameter: LatencyStrategy property of LibrarySettings attribute of hdlcoder.FloatingPointTargetConfig object
Type: character vector
Values: 'MAX' | 'MIN' | 'ZERO'
Default: 'MAX'

Version History

Introduced in R2020b