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System Objects

Predefined and user-defined System object™ support for HDL code generation

A System object is a specialized MATLAB® object that you can use to implement or simulate dynamic systems with inputs that change over time.

With HDL Coder™, you can use predefined or user-defined System objects during code generation in MATLAB. System objects have these advantages:

  • Reuse of Components: Save time during design and testing by using existing System object components.

  • Customization: Design and qualify custom System objects for reuse in multiple designs.

  • Algorithm Definition: Define your algorithm in a System object once, and reuse multiple instances of it in a single MATLAB design.

  • Modularity and Readability: HDL code that you generate from System objects is modular and readable.

You can use the predefined System objects available with MATLAB, DSP System Toolbox™, and Communications Toolbox™ to generate HDL code. For more information, see Predefined System Objects Supported for HDL Code Generation.

To learn more about creating user-defined System objects for HDL code generation, see Generate Code for User-Defined System Objects.


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hdl.RAMSingle, simple dual, dual, true dual, or simple tri-port RAM for memory read/write access
hdl.BlackBoxBlack box for including custom HDL code
hdl.DelayDelay input signal by number of samples (Since R2021a)
hdl.TappedDelayDelay input signal and output all delayed versions (Since R2021a)