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Check for global reset setting for Xilinx and Altera devices

Check ID: com.mathworks.HDL.ModelChecker.runGlobalResetChecks

Check ID: com.mathworks.HDL.ModelAdvisor.runGlobalResetChecks

Check asynchronous reset setting for Altera® devices and synchronous reset setting for Xilinx® devices.


This check verifies whether you use a global synchronous reset for a Xilinx device or a global asynchronous reset for an Altera device. You can improve the performance of your design by adhering to this recommended global reset setting depending on whether you target a Xilinx device or an Altera device.


If you do not specify a target device, this check passes successfully.

Results and Recommended Actions

To fix this warning, click Modify Settings, and the code generator updates the Reset type setting to Synchronous if you use a Xilinx device and Asynchronous if you use an Altera device. You can then rerun the check.

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