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Write Objective Function

Define the function to minimize or maximize, representing your problem objective

How to express the objective for various problem types.


Write Objective

Types of Objective Functions

Find the appropriate form for your objective function.

Complex Numbers in Optimization Toolbox Solvers

Describes which solvers can handle complex numbers.

Writing Scalar Objective Functions

How to write objective functions for scalar nonlinear problems.

Writing Vector and Matrix Objective Functions

How to write objective functions for nonlinear least squares or systems of nonlinear equations.

Writing Objective Functions for Linear or Quadratic Problems

How to write objective functions for linear programming, integer linear programming, quadratic programming, or linear least squares.

Objective and Nonlinear Constraints in the Same Function

Save function evaluations, typically useful in simulations.

Maximizing an Objective

How to optimize for a maximum instead of a minimum.

Pass Extra Parameters

Passing Extra Parameters

Including extra parameters or data in your objective or nonlinear constraint functions.

Function Argument Details

Function Input Arguments

Describes solver input arguments.

Matrix Arguments

Handling multidimensional arguments.