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System Design Documentation and Results Reporting

Types of Reports

Two common goals for creating reports are:

You use a similar workflow for creating and generating reports for both goals. However, some components are particularly useful for each use case.

System Design Documentation

System documentation helps you to:

  • Capture design decisions

  • Record implementation details

  • Communicate the system design and interfaces among groups

When you create a Simulink® Report Generator™ report to provide system design documentation, the report captures information about the system design from the model. Each time that you generate the report, you see up-to-date documentation for the design.

The table includes examples of components that are useful for system design documentation reports.

System InformationExamples of Components to Use
RequirementsRequirements Summary Table (for requirements specified with Requirements Toolbox™)
System layoutSystem Hierarchy, System Snapshot
Model configurationModel Configuration Set, Model Advisor Report
Block parameter settingsSimulink Dialog Snapshot, Block Loop
PropertiesSimulink Property Table, Simulink Summary Table
VariablesVariable Table, Simulink Workspace Variable
System documentation included in a modelDocumentation, Simulink Name

Results Reporting

Capturing results from simulating a model is useful for:

  • Model regression testing

  • Verifying and validating designs

  • Exploring design alternatives

  • Optimizing designs

The table includes examples of components that are useful in results reports.

Results InformationExamples of Components to Use
Signal valuesScope Snapshot, Block Loop
Simulation processingModel Simulation, Model Configuration Set, Fixed Point Logging Options
Figures generated with MATLAB®Figure Snapshot, To Workspace Plot
Generated codeCode Generation Summary, Import Generated Code

You can use components such as the Model Simulation component to control how the model simulates. Other components, such as the Scope Snapshot, show the results of the simulation.