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Entity Attributes and Entity Priorities

Entity data for run-time control, specify entity priorities

You can attach data to an entity using one or more attributes of the entity. Each attribute has a name and a numeric value. Read or change the values of attributes during the simulation. Use the attributes to route or match the entities, and to set the resource amount that the entities acquire.

You can also specify entity priorities to prioritize events.


Serve High-Priority Customers by Sorting Entities Based on Priority

This example shows how to minimize the time required to serve high-priority customers by using a priority queue and Entity Input Switch and Entity Output Switch blocks.

Model Traffic Intersections as a Queuing Network

This example shows how to create a SimEvents® model to represent a vehicle traffic network and to investigate mean waiting time of vehicles when the network is in steady-state.

Working with Entity Attributes and Entity Priorities

Attach data to entities.

Match Entities Based on Attributes

This example shows how to build a model to store and match entities representing bicycle components.

Set Resource Amount with Attributes

Use the Selected Resources table of the Resource Acquirer block to receive the resource amount definition from the block dialog box or an entity attribute.

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