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Migrate Legacy SimEvents Models

Convert SimEvents® models to SimEvents Version 5.0 or later

To take advantage of SimEvents features, migrate legacy SimEvents models (pre-R2016a).


Migration Considerations

Consider these reasons to migrate legacy SimEvents models.

Migration Workflow

Consider these migration workflow guidelines.

Identify and Redefine Entity Types

Identify entity types in the legacy model and redefine them in the new model.

Replace Old Blocks

Replace legacy SimEvents blocks with new SimEvents behavior.

Connect Signal Ports

Previous releases use Get Attribute blocks to output the values of entity attributes. SimEvents 5.0 is more closely tied to Simulink®.

Write Event Actions for Legacy Models

When migrating legacy SimEvents models, you often must create event actions.

Observe Output

Observe output from your SimEvents model.

Reactive Ports

Convert all reactive port event signals from legacy models to messages.