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FMU Importing

Optionally use a functional mockup unit (FMU) block to bring third-party functionality into Simulink®

The FMU block lets you import your applications, contained in FMUs, into Simulink. This block has two modes to integrate FMUs that implement:

  • An FMI co-simulation interface. These FMUs contain local solvers.

  • An FMI model exchange interface. These FMUs do not contain local solvers.


FMUInclude Functional Mockup Unit (FMU) in model


fmudialog.createBusTypeCreate all FMU bus objects required for structured input or output ports in workspace


Import FMUs

Import your FMU to Simulink.

Implement an FMU Block

Implement a block in Simulink using your FMU.

FMU Block Calling Sequences

Review calling sequences for Co-Simulation and Model Exchange FMU blocks.

Featured Examples