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Switches and Breakers

Circuit breakers and multiple-port multiple-throw switches

Protect your electrical power systems with circuit breakers and multiple-port multiple-throw switches.

Simscape Blocks

Circuit BreakerSingle-pole single-throw circuit breaker
Circuit Breaker (Three Phase)Three-phase circuit breaker controlled by external signal
Circuit Breaker (with arc)Single-pole single-throw circuit breaker with Mayr arc representation
DPDT SwitchDouble-pole double-throw switch
DPST SwitchDouble-pole single-throw switch
FuseFuse that protects against excessive current
SPDT SwitchSingle-pole double-throw switch
SPDT Switch (Three-Phase)Three-phase single-pole double-throw switch
SPMT SwitchSingle-pole multiple-throw switch (Since R2020a)
SPST SwitchSingle-pole single-throw switch
SPST Switch (Three-Phase) Three-phase single-pole single-throw switch