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Cross-validate function for regression



    vals = kfoldfun(CVMdl,fun) cross-validates the function fun by applying fun to the data stored in the cross-validated model CVMdl. You must pass fun as a function handle.


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    Train a regression tree model, and then cross-validate it using a custom k-fold loss function.

    Load the imports-85 data set. Train a regression tree using a subset of the data.

    load imports-85
    Mdl = fitrtree(X(:,[4 5]),X(:,16),...

    Cross-validate the regression tree, and obtain the mean squared error.

    CVMdl = crossval(Mdl);
    L = kfoldLoss(CVMdl)
    L = 1.9167e+07

    Examine the error when you use a simple averaging of training responses instead of predictions in the calculation.

    f = @(CMP,Xtrain,Ytrain,Wtrain,Xtest,Ytest,Wtest)...
    f = function_handle with value:
    ans = 6.3586e+07

    Input Arguments

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    Cross-validated function, specified as a function handle. fun has the syntax:

    testvals = fun(CMP,Xtrain,Ytrain,Wtrain,Xtest,Ytest,Wtest)
    • CMP is a compact model stored in one element of the CVMdl.Trained property.

    • Xtrain is the training matrix of predictor values.

    • Ytrain is the training array of response values.

    • Wtrain are the training weights for observations.

    • Xtest and Ytest are the test data, with associated weights Wtest.

    • The returned value testvals must have the same size across all folds.

    Data Types: function_handle

    Output Arguments

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    Cross-validation results, returned as a numeric matrix. vals contains the arrays of testvals output, concatenated vertically over all folds. For example, if testvals from every fold is a numeric vector of length N, kfoldfun returns a KFold-by-N numeric matrix with one row per fold.

    Data Types: double

    Extended Capabilities

    Version History

    Introduced in R2011a

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