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Move UAV platform in scenario

Since R2020b


move(platform,motion) moves the UAV platform in the scenario according to the specified motion motion.

Input Arguments

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UAV platform in a scenario, specified as a uavPlatform object.

UAV platform motion at the current instance in a UAV scenario, specified as a 16-element vector with these elements in order:

  • [x y z] — Positions in xyz-axes in meters

  • [vx vy vz] — Velocities in xyz-directions in meters per second

  • [ax ay az] — Accelerations in xyz-directions in meters per second

  • [qw qx qy qz] — Quaternion vector for orientation

  • [wx wy wz] — Angular velocities in radians per second

Data Types: double

Version History

Introduced in R2020b