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View Summary of Ground Truth Labels

You can use the Image Labeler, Video Labeler, and Ground Truth Labeler (requires Automated Driving System Toolbox™) apps to interactively label ground truth data in an image collection, video, image sequence, or from a custom data source. For details about the supported data sources, see Choose a Labeling App.

You can use the View Label Summary option in the app to view and compare the session distribution of ROI and scene labels over either time or frames.

View Label Summary

View Label Summary creates dockable distribution graphs for the ROI labels and scene labels.

For ROI labels, the graph displays the number of ROIs on the y-axis, at each time stamp on the x-axis. The visual summary does not include information about sublabels or label attributes.

For scene labels, the graph displays the presence or absence of a scene label at each timestamp. For video, the x-axis represents the time in seconds. For images or for a custom sequence of images, the x-axis represents frames. Use the graphs to examine the occurrence of labels over time in relation to each other. Drag the black vertical line in any graph to move the video to a different timestamp.

For pixel labels, the graph displays the percentage of the frame that is labeled with each pixel label.

To dock the Label Summary window in your workspace, select Layout > Dock Label Summary.

Compare Selected Labels

Use the Compare Selected Labels option and the check boxes to selectively compare labels. ROI labels selected for comparison are displayed on a single graph.

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