How to enable commander and navigator modules in uav toolbox

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Hello, I have some question about uav toolbox.
As far as I understand, when I want to upload my custom position&attitude controller in uav I have to upload custom startup script and it kills some modules to prevent collision with my custom controller algorithm which are Commander module and Navigator Module, etc.
There are methods that enable suppressed modul, MAVLINK, but there are no introduced method to re-enable Commander module and Navigator Module.
If I cannot enable commander and navigator module, then does it mean I cannot upload planned mission and select vehicle type when I upload my custom flight algorithm?
Is there any method upload my custom algorithm without any functional loss?
Thank you very much.


Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose 2021-8-30
Till R2021a, we provide the custom startup script to disable commander and navigator modules to avoid potential interference of these modules with Simulink designed controller. If you are looking forward to upload missions to vehicle, all the functionalities might not work without commander and navigator.
To enable commander, navigator (and consequently all modules on PX4), you can migrate to using the default startup script rcS with a few modifications from the custom startup script. To enable use of rcS:
  1. Modify the rcS script that is available in 'ROMFS/px4fmu_common/init.d' path to add the line at the end 'px4_simulink_app start'. This line starts the Simulink module on Pixhawk.
  2. make clean the firmware. Run Hardware setup screens to build PX4 Firmware.
  3. Remove the custom startup script from SD card.
  4. Upload firmware from hardware support package. You should get all modules from PX4 now.
In R2021b, we have provided an additional workflow to automate this process.
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Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose 2023-5-8
The commander and navigator modules are never disabled. If you chose "Design Flight Controller Algorithm in Simulink", only the controllers modules are disabled


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