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Spacing Xticks in plotting a function

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Riccardo Tronconi
Riccardo Tronconi2021-9-7
编辑: Adam Danz ,2021-9-13
Dear all,
I have problems with my plot. Please open the figure.
my x is in this format = '07-Sep-2021 13:02:32';
When i run this command:
set(gca, 'Xtick', (0:100:1200), 'XTickLabel', (interval(1,1):minutes(3):interval(101,1)));
I receive this output
Error using
Value must be a vector of increasing datetime values.
Of course values in interval are in a crescent order.
How to space lines in the x-axis properly?

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2021-9-8
编辑:Adam Danz 2021-9-13
"Value must be a vector of increasing datetime values."
set(gca, 'Xtick', (0:100:1200), ...
Those values above are not datetime values. They are double precision numeric values.
Assuming 'interval' contains datetime values, try,
set(gca, 'Xtick', interval(1,1):minutes(3):interval(101,1), 'xlim', interval([1,101],1))
You can set the datetime tick format using datetick.

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