New. to Matlab, can you help me with the code?

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Mads Yar
Mads Yar2021-9-23
评论: Mads Yar ,2021-9-23
I want to learn MATLAB because im going to University next year for engineering. My brother has given me some of his old exercises, so I can learn MATLAB and become better at it.
Unfortunately, he doesn't have the solution to it anymore which is why he can't help me with it because he forgot since he has not used MATLAB in 4-5 years. I am the type of person who like to learn by looking at the solution and then reading it step by step so I know what to do.
My problem is that I just don't know how to do it with MATLAB. Can somebody help me with these exercise? Can you provide a solution to the different sub exercises? It would be very much appreciated!!

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Rik 2021-9-23
A much better solution is to learn Matlab with a tutorial. You may consider doing the Onramp tutorial (which is provided for free by Mathworks).
After that, you should take a look here for advice about how to learn Matlab beyond the basics.
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Mads Yar
Mads Yar 2021-9-23
I have sort of done that but I just wants to sit with math also for myself? If that makes sense. Just so i could prepare for the diffifulty of the math. Thats why I was looking for a solution to these exercises. But I will defineatly check your links out. Thanks!!


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