Selecting files from a directory

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评论: Cheggers ,2021-10-11
Probably a simple question but i currently use
sims = uigetdir ('C:\Matlab')
info = dir(fullfile(sims,'*.in'))
list = {}
Which brings up the popup window where i selected my folder, in this case 'RRfiles' which then gives me the list of the files in there and away we go. I am trying to do this without having to select the folder manually.
I have tried sims = dir ('C:\Matlab\RRfiles') which does tell me how many files are in there but the answer should be 26 and it is actually 28 because of '.' and '..' so i need a way of filtering out these files just like before. but putting info = dir(fullfile(sims,'*.in')) afterwards doesnt work. Any advice would be appreicated.


Chunru 2021-10-11
编辑:Chunru 2021-10-11
sims = pwd; %uigetdir ('C:\Matlab')
save sims % create a file
info = dir(fullfile(sims,'*.in'))
info = struct with fields:
name: '' folder: '/users/mss.system.GGGSp8' date: '11-Oct-2021 11:53:45' bytes: 199 isdir: 0 datenum: 7.3844e+05
list = {info(~[info.isdir]).name} % this will separate folders from files
list = 1×1 cell array
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