Google sheets to table in matlab

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Cristian Tacoronte
Cristian Tacoronte2021-10-13
评论: Dave B ,2021-10-13
Hello good!! I am trying to read a google spreadsheet, which is in Google Drive, to read some passwords and thus start a GUI application when I open it. I am using webread (url) where the url is the address of the google file but what I get is the html page. Is there a way to directly get a table where the content of the google file is seen? All the best! and thanks a lot for the help!

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Dave B
Dave B 2021-10-13
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Dave B
Dave B 2021-10-13
I just tried GetGoogleSpreadsheet with a docid of a spreadsheet and it returns an appropriately sized cell array, looks perfect...Is your spreadsheet available via "anyone with the link" sharing? The submission notes that this is a requirement...


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