how to convert 1x2 double into two 1x1

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评论: flashpode ,2021-10-25
Hi I was coding when I had this error:
Time_msg_match = string(Time_msg_match);
Error using string
Conversion from cell failed. Element 61649 must be convertible to a string scalar.
>> Time_msg_match(61649)
ans =
1×1 cell array
{2×1 double}
How can I concadenate this 2x1 double?
I wrote:
Time_msg_match1 = num2str(cat(1, Time_msg_match{:}));
But the result is not what I wanted. Thanks in advance


Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2021-10-23
Try this to create 2 separate variables out of that 1x2 cell array
Time_msg_match1 = Time_msg_match{1};
Time_msg_match2 = Time_msg_match{2};
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flashpode 2021-10-25
But I have deleted this line and it has worked so it is resolved. Thank you. Now I want to use this to index a duration array but I am gonna look by myself to do this. Once again thank you!!!!!


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Rik 2021-10-23
It looks like this is what you want:
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Rik 2021-10-24
You are ignoring the advice that Image Analyst is giving you. That is not smart.
Also, did you try making a it a double array instead of a cell? You will notice that my code will still do something usefull. It brings you only a single step away from the array you need.


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