c++ programming.

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abeer hafeez
abeer hafeez2021-10-27
编辑: Bruno Luong ,2021-10-27
i have a question , for grade 10 students , in programming c++ . void main(void) , why the syntax is wrong?.
if anyone know please let me know,
i am going to paste the programming which i have done.
i done all the syntax correct but it`s coming wrong,
this one is my program.this one is my program.
this is from book. i don't see any difference.

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Bruno Luong
Bruno Luong 2021-10-27
编辑:Bruno Luong 2021-10-27
In C++ the main function signature should be
int main()
The void argument is for C (not C++).
Your code has illegal comma "," in the line #4
and missing semin-colon ";" at the end of the lines #5 & 8.

Rik 2021-10-27
You forgot two things:
  1. This is a Matlab forum and nothing in your question is related to Matlab
  2. Every line should end with a semicolon, and you have forgotten two of them, as the error messages point out.
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Rik 2021-10-27
There are other websites devoted to that. Just like you don't go buy fruit in a clothing store.
But if this answer solved your issue, please consider marking it as accepted answer.


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