How to get directory of Document folder in a non-MATLAB computer when using a fully standalone application?

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评论: Khanh ,2014-10-18
My fully standalone application prompts a message to choose where to save a file. When the message shows, the default folder which I want will be '....\My Document'. When I use 'uigetdir('Choose ') on my computer which has MATLAB it shows a MATLAB default folder '....\My Document\MATLAB'. So how about on a non-MATLAB computer? Will 'uigetdir' show '....\My Document'?
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2014-10-18
Try this:
% Get the name of the user who logged in to the computer.
userProfile = getenv('USERPROFILE')
% Create a string to the "My Documents" folder of this Windows user:
myDocsFolder = sprintf('%s\\My Documents', userProfile)
In the command window:
userProfile =
myDocsFolder =
C:\Users\Khanh\My Documents
Then you can call
usersChosenFolder = uigetdir(myDocsFolder);
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Khanh 2014-10-18
Great. Thank you. It worked fine on my computer. I will check a standalone appication with your code on a non MATLAB computer and let you know it when I get result.


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