changing audio frequency to a constant

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lets say i have an audio that has so many different frequencies, can i modify its frequency to constant and run it at 2000 hz for example?
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Mohamed Turkmani
Mohamed Turkmani 2022-8-19
编辑:Mohamed Turkmani 2022-8-19
no i know how to change sampling frequency, i mean the actual frequency, is there a chance to change it or mix it with like a 2000 hz sine tone



Chunru 2022-8-19
load handel.mat
[p, q] = rat(2000/Fs)
p = 125
q = 512
y2000 = resample(y, p, q);
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes Fs 1x1 8 double cmdout 1x33 66 char p 1x1 8 double q 1x1 8 double y 73113x1 584904 double y2000 17850x1 142800 double
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Chunru 2022-8-19
load handel.mat % load a sample data with Fs
[p, q] = rat(2000/Fs) % find a rational fraction of desired Fs and orighinal Fs
% p, q are integers so that resample can be efficiently implemented
y2000 = resample(y, p, q); % resample the data so that FsNew = p/q*Fs


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